mobile asset workforce management project

PROASSIST possibilities with workflows

We have seen great systems doing great things in past 20 years.
Some of the systems we have seen in past had the possibility to alter their behaviour by trained personnel. Nice feature, right?

So we were thinking. We need business scripting within PROASSIST
While respecting certain rules, you may start customizing.

Basics of the business scripting

Let the script be sequence of steps. User can define steps in script, each step defines itself as one of the following:

  • VariableSet
  • If
  • Logger
  • ActionInvokeScriptingItem - this is the Toolbox Item we we explaining before
  • ExecuteChildScript
  • EndScript

Define exit strategies for each step

  • OnTrue/OnFalse for condition evaluations
  • OnError

And voila!

  • You may fine-tune the system with your skilled personnel

With this feature built-in, PROASSIST is able to handle various types of tasks:

  • Create email notifications
  • Query SQL databases and insert rows
  • Perform HttpGet and HttpPost operations
  • Execute your javascript - sandboxed using NodeJs

And editor? Built-in!

You can you JSON copy & paste directly required data, or perhaps you can design little portions right here, in PROASSIST.

We provide very simple scripting editor, to define steps, enter variables, and generally design the workflow you are interested in.

Oh, and we keep versioned history of the scripts in the database. For your convenience, to revert to previous version, if neccessary.

The editor is here: