mobile asset workforce management project

Integrated .NET scripting, extend PROASSIST with your logic

The system shall be extendable. Easily leverage your existing C# skills by creating custom pieces of system.
By creating these Toolbox Items, you can hook on the event being triggered during workflow.
There are several types of events you can subscribe to.
Toolbox Items have access to some of internal application functions = send email, query datasource, generate document etc.

Lets explain

  • Code above returns string.
  • Return value can be null or valid JSON


If the ToolboxItem is triggered by orchestrating BusinessScripting - later about that - it can return valid JSON back to the originating script and the calling script can use data from the JSON to drive the workflow.

We are planning to have a catalogue of “standard toolbox items”.

And, of course, we love to design and develop new features for you, in case your c# resources are occuppied :)